ConceptA new fixed-price Consume Style of World famous Japanese Wagyu.Make it more popular and easier to enjoy Japanese Wagyufor gourmets from all of the world.

All-you-can-eat Buffet for the Highest Level A5 KUROGE WAGYU BEEF

Enjoy the Premium Teppan-yaki at a reasonable price and in a casual mood.
We have different courses including Limit Price Lunch Course(5,800yen) and Limit Price Dinner Wagyu Course(9,800yen)
Highest level A5 KUROGE WAGYU BEEF all selected by chef.

Special Area to enjoy the Chef's Special Performance

All the seats are counter seats that would provide a best stage for you to enjoy the chef's performance.
Rarge counters made of wood-like material and two private rooms with a special feeling.
It creates a stylish and casual interior space.

Enjoy the best service ever in a luxury moment

「Service is order-made for every customer」
We will do our best to provide the best service ever for every single customer,
for every single moment to enjoy the amazing food.