Ginza no Sobaya

Greeting from Ginza no Sobaya

Local sake directly deliveried from Brewery matches Japanese food and soba very well. Ginza no Sobaya is a new type of IZAKAYA to spread Japanese cuisine culture to all over the world.

Ginza no Sobaya. the pursuit of real 01.


Seasonal Sake from a brewer in Okunoto.

We are cooperating with Kazuma Shuzo in Noto Peninsula designated Globally Agricultural Heritage.
Kazuma Shuzo uses one of the best soft water to brew Sake.
A mellow Sake is a good match with flavorful cuisine.
Sake advisor will introduce our special Sake such as a fresh and rare one from brewers.

Ginza no Sobaya. the pursuit of real 02.


The best point of cuisine is a taste of malted rice called Koji.

Tanigawa Jouzou, a small miso granary in Ishikawa, keeps their traditional recipe,
and makes original sauce from their handmade miso and soy sauce.
We make even sashimi soy-sauce and vegetable Dip by ourselves.

Ginza no Sobaya. the pursuit of real 03.


Traditional Doutsuki method to make soba.

The soba we serve you is made in Hokkaido Horokanaityo . You can enjoy aromatic taste of soba made by Traditional Doutsuki method at the end of your meal.

Doutsuki method
Traditional way to make Soba in order to protect original aroma, taste and color.